Twitter Twitter Tools

Twitter seems to become more and more popular. And, you can check how well you are doing with that social media tool, too! Here is a list from justtweetit.

Volker’s Twitter Profile

The Twitter Grader by my friends from Hubspot puts me on rank 118,561 out of 1.2 m – not sure if that is good or not.

Tweetstats shows you not only the amount of tweets, but your density per day and who you tweet to most. Very useful tool.

Follow Cost is a tool that suggests how annoying it is to follow someone. I tweet on average about 4.1 times a day. So not too bad is it??

Have you ever wondered who follows you back and who doesn’t? You add all those people and then no one follows you back? Test the FriendorFollow Application! Really disappointed that some of my friends do not follow me back 🙁

@davidsegal and I are competing for followers at the moment. So best tool to use is TwitterLeague. It really shows you how much popular I am, lol!

And, ever wondered how much influence you have on Twitter? Try Twitter Influence. Very interesting to see how you compare. Similar to the Twitter Grader above really.

Last but not least I tested the Tweet Wheel! At least I tried. But Twitter timed out. Too many requests per hour, lol ;-( But I will try again and then post the results.

Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you like the tools or found better ones. Also, let me know how I compare, tweet it and follow me!

Volker Ballueder