Ultimate Success?

As a big fan of coaching an particularly career coaching, I am currently listening to Anthony Robbins again.

In his session today he spoke about the ultimate formula for success. So of course I was very excited and want to share it with you:

1) Be clear of what you want to achieve and what outcome you want to have.

That really reminds me of one of the seven habits of highly effective people: Begin with the end in mind! And, it is so true. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. So be sure, whatever you want to achieve, that you set out to achieve a certain goal and outcome. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know when you have achieved it.

2) Take actions.

Again, this is one of the seven habits: be proactive. You will never achieve anything in life without being proactive, take initiative and lead from the front. Even as a sale executive, without picking up the phone and dialing the number to the client, you never get your sales. And, as a manager, you never be able to lead from the front or get anything done, without taking the necessary steps and action. “Stepping stones” come to mind: which actions do I have to take in order to meet my objectives. What are the mini-goals in between to achieve what I want?

3) Sensory acuity.

This ties in with the stepping stones. I referred to Sensory Acuity when writing about “turning passion into profits”. If you aren’t aware of yourself and what you are doing, how people perceive you and how you come across overall, then sensory acuity is very important. But also, as in my previous article, you can link certain music or smell up to for instance peak performance in order to boost your energy and performance level at a later stage by using music as an anchor. So sensory acuity can relate to a few things really.
Important is that you measure yourself against your goals. You need to be sure you are happy with the baby steps you are taking and it leads you in the right direction.

4) Change your approach.

Of course you should only change your approach if the first one is not working. Again, this is not rocket science but gives you an idea that you should not stop if your approach didn’t work. It is not about how you achieve things but that you do achieve them. And, from every time you fail, you learn more about what you want, what you can improve on next time and so on. Never give up!

I thought I feed in a video and came across Adam Khoo. I personally don’t like websites that promises you the secret recipe of becoming a millionaire, however the four steps of success are similar to the ones above.

A video however that goes with this post is about “unlock what is stopping you”: