What am I reading in September?

I thought that it would be good to share a book a month of what I am reading. Last week I was in the fortunate or unlucky position – you never know, do you – to run out of books to read. Then again, it was more of me finishing all papers I had on me, not knowing which of my thousands of books at home I am going to read next and having 20 minutes to wait for a train.

Therefore, I quickly went into WHSmith and found a good deal on books. One was the one I am reading at the moment “Dragons’ Den – Success from pitch to profit“.

I like the book. It gives a good introduction to the Dragons without reading all their individual books. Also, it gives you an idea of their thinking:

Why not invest in something? What makes the person tick? Why should I invest into this after all?

I really enjoy reading it. Nothing too complicated and not too much concentration needed in order to undstand it 🙂