1st of advent or not sure what to tell you all….

All day I was wondering what to post on my blog. Just realising that I have been up for 10 hours because I went to bed very early last night, there is no real update of what I have done today.

Some work, some food, some TV, lots of sleep. Hmm, that is all in 10 hours. Not really a waste of time as I have been very productive catching up with some rest 😉


1st of advent – that means 4 weeks to Christmas. That came around soon. 12 months since I started my job – that came around quick too. So, looking back, time has passed very quickly this year. I will add a proper yearly review around Christmas.

It has been cold in London, not too cold but cold enough. I am glad I had a Sunday of doing nothing. Things in general seem to go slower. Winter, economy, less light, less parties, less things to do. Then again quicker. More work, more hours in the office, more meetings with friends, more things happening in general.

I find this advent time very “up and down”. Some things speed up just before Christmas, whilst others slow down. And then, you end up putting the tree up and you did not noticed that this post is 4 weeks old.

Have a peaceful time. A time that might speed up for a week or two but that then slows down in the last week before the magical Christmas time. Have 4 weeks of happiness and meet some friends and slowly ease in the feeling of winter and Christmas. Because, this year is going to be a white Christmas, won’t it?

Anyhow, definitely a quiet Christmas compared to what is coming next year 🙂

Oh, if you have not had a chance to get a advent calendar….