2 parallel worlds – or contentment

I spoke to a good friend yesterday, someone I have not spoken to for quite some time.

He is also a Buddhist and when we spoke about job and career and money, salary, family, karma and so on, there was this parallel world. We are both very career orientated, do not mind working long hours, always like to earn a lot of money but also are very keen on our family.

However, nothing of it seems to be the big issue in our life. Not that we are super rich, or work 9 to 5 – no, we are both at this stage of life where we are, what I would call, content.

Our jobs are great. The money related to the job is good and does not let us think we should go somewhere else to earn more. Our family is supportive and we do not mind working long hours if we can combine it with our family. A holistic view of both of our lives is the contentment in what we do and issues we had before, e.g. better job, better money, more time, are not issues anymore.

I wonder if that has to do with Buddhism as well? I need to speak to Marcelo on balamadana about it!