A day off….or what to do?

What are you doing on a day off?

I planned to do some gardening, go shopping and get my shoes repaired. Thought I quickly stop by our garage to get the tyres checked out, take a nap in the afternoon and check my work emails before I go back to the office tomorrow.

Far from it: I went to the dentist, dropped off the wife to work, tried buying a train ticket for tomorrow but I was 20 minutes too early so had to go back later, dropped off my shoes, went to Homebase for some soil and a pot of herbs, and then went to the garage.
Four new tyres while I went shopping. Then he checked the exhaust and I went back in the afternoon to get that fixed too. Had an hour at home where I put up a mirror and a picture. No lunch.

Finally back home now. Raining outside! Thunder and Lightning. Picked up my shoes, got the car. My mobile from work rings every 10 minutes but no voice mails and my tax return is here and should get done. So, got another cup of coffee, relax after an unplanned day of getting things fixed. See my note at balamadana.

So, going to do the tax return and hopefully sell my desk tonight. Means we can get a futon for guests and watch TV in the spare bedroom. Happy days…..I keep you updated.