A day to live for

I just want to quickly use my lunch break to add some good news:

My sister in law gave birth to another Ballueder today, allowing me to be 2nd time uncle. Hurray! Not only do they now have 2 children but also it is great to know – sorry this might sound chauvinistic – that there is a boy in the family! Well done and congratulations to my bigbrother and his wife. I wish I could add the first pictures ….

Today, 28th of April, I do my bigbrother a favour to eliminate any information about himself and his family to keep the little one google protected.

Now, there is not much to add to a day like that, is there?
When I woke up this morning I said to my wife “I have the feeling things are coming together and we are making progress” – guess the above is part of it. An email from a dear friend last night and a great night with old friend all adds to the perfect picture of a “day to live for”.

More news at the weekend.