German born Volker, naturalised as a British Citizen in 2017, where he has lived for almost 20 years, holds an MBA degree from Aberdeen University, where he also completed a ‘first class’ Bachelor (Hons) degree in mechanical engineering.

In the summer of 2003 Volker Ballueder kicked off his journey to work for himself. Mainly as a strategy and leadership consultant.

Since 2018 he is the host of the success podcast Stories of Success. On the back of the podcast he wrote a book on Principles for Success.

In 2004 Volker Ballueder moved to London where he has since been working in the Digital Marketing Industry (adtech, ad technology, marketing technology, data) and lead the expansion of one of the first service providers for programmatic advertising in the UK and EMEA. He since held several senior roles across the industry and positioned data companies, consulted on programmatic strategies and helped start-ups on commercial positioning.

A full CV including recommendations can be found on his LinkedIn profile.

Outside work he enjoys a “country life” in the South Downs whilst still commuting regularly to the “big smoke”. That of course has changed in 2020 🙁

In his spare time he spends time with his family, gets up at 5 am to keep fit (running including a marathon in 2018 & 2020, swimming, weights, mountain biking, Tai Chi), enjoys cooking, good wine or a game of chess.

Spellings of his name are:

Volker Ballueder
Volker Ballüder
Volker Balluder