another week- am I German?

Another week. I almost feel back in my old job with our weekly report.

This week I was up in our HQ in York for two days and had 3 extreme busy days in the office. Even better my Saturday will be spent going to a vineyard in Kent. So do not expect any blurb later today 🙂

Just wanted to say, being on Facebook and all, you see all these status messages about what people are up to. Some of my friends were at the Next08 in Hamburg. I was at the Next07 in Berlin last year and really enjoyed it. Good conference, good blurb in the industry. Now, being away from the German Online Market a bit, it seems so distant.

That brings me to what I wanted to write about. Last night a girl from Latvia (?) asked me whether I like driving fast, referring to the Autobahn. And, I did not have anything to say about it. I look at the German market and feel very distant.

I think I slowly but surely break my ties with the country I was born in. No question that I am German and surely it comes out in a lot of things I am doing, attitude wise, however, I am not sure if I ever want to go back there. Every time I am back I enjoy being there but living there, I really do not know.

With us buying a house in London, being in London, flying out of London, settling here, there is no need to do that either, is there? My home will be Germany, because that is where I was born. But my chosen home is England, Scotland really, but I cannot see myself living anywhere else but the UK at the moment.

Then again, I saw CSI New York last night and the pictures from New Zealand and……

Have a good weekend, Volker Ballueder