Balance in Life

I got a newsletter today where Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche’s Book “Restoring the Balance” was cited:

“Happiness depends on balancing the mind. Balancing depends on avoiding extremes and learning to live in harmony with the way things are. One of the profoundest realities of our existence is that everything is in a state of change. Our emotions change, our bodies age and decay, our possessions are taken from us, friends can become enemies and enemies turn out to be friends. Nothing lasts. If we resist change we find ourselves overwhelmed and suffering follows. If we accept change and flow with it, we become flexible and wise. From this comes happiness.”

If we apply harmony and balance to our life and re-assure ourselves that we cope with every little change and give ourselves time for that, then we should be able to keep our balance at all times.

But, if we strive to get work done, would it not be necessary to at least sometimes get out of balance to create a momentum? I believe so.

Rinpoche seems to suggest that we accept change. Reflecting on my last month, it is not always easy but we adopt, change and get on with it, finding a new balance every now and then.

Mediation will surely help and understanding from and of neighbours would too ,-) But that is another topic.

Hope you all have a great, balanced weekend!