Blackberry Bold Review

I now had my Blackberry Bold for just over 2 weeks. Thanks to Vodafone, things got sorted and I absolutely love the Blackberry Bold. I had a Blackberry Curve for the past 18 months and without WiFi and proper 3G connection (I was with T-Mobile), it just wasn’t the same.

What I like about the Blackberry Bold is not only the slick design but the new outline of programmes, e.g. the way the desktop is presented. It comes with Vodafone SatNav free for 18 months. We tried it out and the first time it sent us in circles but the 2nd time it worked very well. So overall, that is great and save us getting a TomTom.

blackberry boldMy first Blackberry Bold that got delivered didn’t work properly over the weekend and crashed a couple of times. I had to reset it and re-install the software several times. I then exchanged it and the new one hasn’t had any problems yet. Fingers crossed.

One drawback is the 128 MB limitation for applications. Blackberry Application downloader makes it easy for you to pick and chose applications for your Bold, but after I installed

– Gmail
– Facebook
– Bloomberg Mobile
– SatNav
– Blackberry Maps
– Weather Eye

I am now running at the limit already. And those programmes are what I consider the basics of what you need additionally to the applications that came preinstalled: the document readers so you can work on Office files on the go. However, they are not compatible with the new OfficeXP version. But another step up from the curve.

So my first facit is that the Bold could improve the capabilities of being a bit quicker, but then again any phone could be 🙂 Then a bit more memory for applications. I was even asked to delete some preinstalled language support items to create more space. It is a shame that I cannot install as many applications as my colleagues can on their I-Phone. Surely, this is something Research in Motion (RIM, the maker of the Blackberry) will improve over time.

They really are stepping up the game, and have to, to take on Apple. However, I am a Blackberry Enthusiast and from the looks of it, will stay it for at least another 24 months.