blogging and seo


Above subject line kind of gives it away. Blogging and SEO – that is the topic I am speaking at the SMX in Munich. So, Volker Ballueder, is speaking there.

Now, in those two lines I already created 2 links to the event – that should increase their site ranking, should it not? But, would e.g. Google be happy to see me writing English content linking to a non English site? The “Volker Ballueder” link should still be ok as there is content about me at the other end.

Those are just a few things that blogs can do. What I find very interesting and useful in blogs is the ability to communicate with your target audience, your clients. You link deep into your website with content that is relevant, maybe a little hidden to most users. You then add social bookmarks to it, get involved in the blogging community, and “bang” you have more hits then you wish for.

That easy? Maybe not.

So, I hope to see you all in a few weeks time in Munich. I they put another great SMX programme together. Their SMX West event was great and very helpful for the Search Community.

Hope to see you all soon.

Volker Ballueder