Books and Magazines

Finally – yesterday arrived Jung’s book “MAN AND HIS SYMBOLS“. I was waiting for it for almost 10 days. Guess the postal strike did not help – I will let you know more about this book once I had a closer look.

Also waiting for the movie “THE SECRET“. Ordered it ages ago at a HK based DVD shop who is half price Amazon but it takes double the time. Never used to. Anyhow, hope it arrives shortly as my NLP community in Germany is talking quite a bit about it.

Also, I am in a “clearing out” mood this weekend. I found all those magazines “Personal Success” from the Coaching Academy. To be perfectly honest most issues just go unread to the bin as it is always the same story to me about “how great that I became a coach – I changed my life and then I changed everyone else’s life”. Is that all feasible?

The book recommendations are interesting but most of them are the guru books of “how to change your life in 10 days“. I have read plenty it almost always comes down to be what you wanna be and what lays deep inside you. Will that change the face of coaching?

I personally trained with the coaching academy which I value. Jonathan done a great job to make coaching more popular in the UK and helped a lot of people. I still think to get accredited by the academy but do not believe I increase my skills by paying for the course, mainly because most coaching techniques are based on NLP. Other courses in psycho-analysis for instance might be better spent – but I let you know more in due course.

Back to the magazine. Issue June 2007 has an article “You have a book in you – how to get it out”. Read what coach Jurgen Wolff has to say and start writing today. Also, feel free to get his book “Your writing coach”. Whilst these articles are very motivating, how many will read it, buy the book and never do anything unless – supported by a coach? Someone who gives you the stepping stones and the motivation. For a coach himself/herself it should be easy to write a book (saying that … believe me it is not).

The April issue had a great page on “What you must do to start your own business”. Lots of helpful hints. The May issue stays unread – nothing benefitial for me. Saying that I am sure it is beneficial for most of the readers, so fair enough.

I remember when I was 10 years old or a little older and we got a task to read a book in school. I read it from A-Z. Why? I must. I must not miss out….until I learned later on in life to concentrate on what I want to read. What I most benefit from. I read about 10 books at the same time. Some over years, a page a month or year – just to keep going on certain topics. Then again I read a 250 pager the other week in 3 days.

Have a great Sunday out there.