books to read this autumn (or not to read) – and NLP ;-)

You remember I was writing about this NLP book I got at the train station.

I now finished it. The author is: Lindsey Agness, Change your LIfe with NLP. Why am I happy to reveal the book now? Because I want to warn anyone to read it.

Sorry, Lindsey, I don’t wanna say you did not have good intentions to write this book. But, this book talks about how NLP helped you through relationships and how it helped your kids to anchor nice situations and being less afraid. My personal opinion is that you should have written a book about “how NLP helped me” and then recommended some really good books on NLP.

Anyone who asks me about a nice introduction to NLP I recommend this NLP book by O’Connor and Seymour.

Of course, maybe I am not the target audience having a Master Practitioner in NLP for over 5 years. And yes, Lindsey’s book was a nice recap of some techniques, but sorry, it was not a good introduction to NLP. Maybe it was not intended to be one and just a marketing tool to attract people to your courses?

What really annoys me about books like this and many others (and I know there are millions of them out there) is that people read it and think “wow I can change my life and all I have to do is to learn NLP”.


Learn NLP because you are interested on how you can change your life and that of others but do not learn NLP because you have some problems. If you have some problems go and see a doctor or psychiatrist. That is what you need and not something that was an add-on to psycho therapy in the 70ies. NLP does not heal you from cancer or makes you a better person. However, some NLP techniques are helpful for motivational purposes and for getting on with life.

Enough of a rand about those NLP books that just try to tell you that NLP is good for anything.  Saw another one at WH Smith the other day. Don’t buy it!!!

Further on my reading list is a book I bought about 1 year ago. I admit, it is another “guru” book but comes highly recommended by a friend. I let you know how I get along. The title is:

Turning Passions into Profit – 3 Steps to Wealth and Power!

3 thoughts on “books to read this autumn (or not to read) – and NLP ;-)

  1. I agree with your comments about NLP being something that can help motivate and inform rather than cure life’s ills. I was a little surprised to see that as someone who has been a Master Practitioner for five years you say “don’t buy this…”. Now, are you asking for them to leave it on the shelf – or are you intentionally asking their unconscious mind to instruct them to buy it – I say that because as Master Practitioners we know that the brain is unable to process ‘don’t’ and therefore your command was the very opposite to what you wrote. What is not known is your intention.
    My credentials? I was Bandler and Grinder-trained practitioner since 1984 and since then took my Master Practitioner under Rpbert Dilts. I am currently preparing my PhD and that is NLP-related.
    I do worry about the reputation of NLP when people represent it poorly. As Master Practitioners and above we have a responsibility to NLP to represent it faithfully. That’s for us all to be aware of. My suggestion, your choice to accept! – Sent in good faith

  2. Hello Vincent,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and also commenting on it.
    Yes, you might be right and surely you have a point me saying “don’t buy” might not be processed.
    However, with me recommendation for the O’Connor and Seymour book people surely should have gotten the point.

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