Buddhism – Universal Emptiness

I enjoy writing about Buddhism and my religious/spiritual thoughts. Maybe it goes back to my childhood when it was often suggested that I might become a minister. But I never did. I am not a church goer, nor a conformist.

Just the other day I was called a “part-time Buddhist” as I was rude to a sales call I received 🙂 Probably my colleagues were right but being Buddhist and practising Buddhism are two different kettles of fish.

Here is another quote that I read the other day:

Once you realize universal emptiness, all objects are spontaneously penetrated: integrating the world and beyond, it contains all states of being within. If you lose the essence, there is nothing after all; if you attain the function, there is spiritual effect. The genuine path of unminding is not a religion for the immature.

Universal Emptiness is something I personally haven’t experienced, but I could imagine what it might be like. A Universe that is set up of nothing. A freedom from any attachment and thoughts; one is caught in samsara.

Samsara as such is a pain, literally. I almost find it fearful to think to not end up enlightened and being reborn as a human being again. Would I have to go through all the pain and suffering again? I guess so.

In Universal Emptiness every object is just there, in all states of beings. There isn’t “a” state but all states. Everything seems to be nothing and something.

For the Enlighten ones that can make sense of it, that found the essence, they shall benefit from the spiritual effect. The ones that don’t mind, the “unminded” will have a hard time. Ignoring the attachments, embracing emptiness and a complete state of any object.

I think what I take from this quote is that only the ones that are ready to give everything up, that allow themselves to not worry and not being distracted by objects, can learn from the Universal Emptiness and move on.

What do you think?

Love and Kindness,