Buddhist Thought: Cultivate Love

It is time to fill the world with strong and powerful deeds. It is common knowledge that no great captain in the world has ever destroyed all of his enemies and lived with a sense of satisfaction. If one enemy is killed, two more will appear. It is important we cultivate love and compassion to all the sentient beings which is the way to bring peace to all.

Dalai Lama

When I first read this quote I was a bit overwhelmed. I was remembered of the tale of the dragon with the two heads. If the prince cut one off, two grew in their place.

We need to do good in this world.
No captain, as the Dalai Lama explains, ever got rid of all his enemies and was happy and satisfied afterwards. Similar to the dragon, once you got rid of all your enemies, more appeared.

We cannot get rid of our enemies but we can love them. Instead of trying to “eliminate” bad things, try to love them and be compassionate towards them. You then bring peace to everyone, and you won’t have any enemies again – ever.

Have a good day.

Love and Kindness,