Buddhist Thought: Liberation!

The one who is very attached to the cave of the body, that one finds detachment very difficult. Those who constantly crave for pleasure are hard to liberate and certainly cannot be liberated by others, only by themselves. Sometimes it is only death that brings a realization of endings, and then the sensual person, deeply immersed in the body, will shout: “What will happen to me after death?” The way toward liberation is to train yourself to live in the present without any wanting to become anything. Give up becoming this or that, live without cravings, and experience this present moment with full attention. Then you will not cringe at death nor seek for repeated birth. – Sutta Nipata

I wrote about dying last week already. No, I don’t hope I am actually going to die. Actually, looking at the quote, I recently started looking after my body in a much better way.

Exercise, food, drink. This is our highest good we possess: life. If you seek pleasure, crave drugs or have any other needs that need satisfying, then you cannot be liberated from your body.

You must live in the present. You must be certain of yourself. Stop trying to become someone else. Don’t want to become anything. Just live the moment to your full attention.

As simple as….

Best, Volker