Buddhist Thought: Mind & Body

Easter is upon us. Time to relax, unwind and recharge.

This mind is an uncertain thing. This body is uncertain. Together they are impermanent. Together they are a source of suffering. Together they are devoid of self. These, the Buddha pointed out, are neither being, nor a person, nor a self, nor a soul, nor us, nor they. They are merely elements: earth, water, fire and wind. Elements only!

– Ajahn Chah, “Bodhinyana”

Above quote is split in two parts for me.

Part 1 speaks about the uncertain things: the mind and the body. They are constantly changing: Impermanence. Both together cause suffering. They are free from (your)self.

Part 2 speaks about that neither body or mind are “anything” – they are just another element.

From my point of view we are looking at a simple thing: the impermanence of mind and body can cause suffering to us. However, thinking about it, you will soon realise that they are only elements, and not a being or anything. They are not connected to yourself, they are just what they are.

So free yourself from them, detach yourself from the feeling of “your body” and “my mind”. Let your thoughts flow and realise that YOU live on forever. Your mind and body won’t.

Would you interpret it the same way?

Happy Easter,