Buddhist Thought: Purpose of Religious Practice

One of the major aims and purposes of religious practice for the individual is an inner transformation from an undisciplined, untamed, and unfocused state of mind towards one that is disciplined, tamed and balanced.

– His Holiness the Dalai Lama

I loved “church” as a child. I used to love my “confirmation” and two years of education in church. I was young then and asked a lot of questions which the vicar at the time couldn’t necessarily answer to my satisfaction.

After my confirmation, I was about 14, I helped out with the kids’ church service and asked more questions. I was not allowed to take on responsibilities and got frustrated. I didn’t enjoy church any more.

At that time I guess I got into the age of being interested in anything but church. It also became fashionable to be an “atheist” if you could explain what it was.

I tried finding ways back to “god” or back “to church” but failed miserable.

In Buddhism I found a way to use “religion” as a “philosophy” and I transformed internally. I am more tame now, more balanced and have a more focused mind.

I love being a Buddhist.
I love life.

Love and Happiness from my corner of the world,