Buddhist Thoughts

The other day in one of my newsletters and alerts, I got the following Buddhist Wisdom I would like to share with you:

You should be an island to yourself, a refuge to yourself, not dependent on any other but taking refuge in the truth and none other than the truth. And how do you become an island and a refuge to yourself? In this way. You see and contemplate your body as composed of all the forces of the universe. Ardently and mindfully you steer your body-self by restraining your discontent with the world about you. In the same way, observe and contemplate your feelings and use that same ardent restraint and self-possession against enslavement by greed or desire. By seeing attachment to your body and feelings as blocking the truth, you dwell in self-possession and ardent liberation from those ties. This is how you live as an island to yourself and a refuge to yourself. Whoever dwells in this contemplation, islanded by the truth and taking refuge in the truth–that one will come out of the darkness and into the light.

– Digha Nikaya

buddhaThe reason why I am sharing it is that it reminds me a bit about the Island Theory I wrote about a year ago. I think that with Marcelo being re-ordained and me not writing about Buddhism and Management that much anymore, I am neglecting my thoughts a bit.

You should be dependent on the truth only, something you can take refuge in. That means to me that becoming the island, the self development island, as myself, like my own coach, I have to find truth in myself. I would need to become one with the forces of the universe and my thoughts that are purified within myself. Just by creating that, I could become my own god – at least that is how I interpreted Steven Seagal when he speaks about being god?

By far I don’t want to call myself god. What I think these lines are trying to say is that if you base your life on truth and yourself on truth and if you become refuge for others and combine all forces of the universe in yourself, then you get a “god like” feeling. Of course, it depends on the different religion to define “god”. And, I appreciate this being controversial.

What about from a personal development perspective? I think by becoming once within yourself, based on truth, spirituality, and wisdom, you can offer others and yourself help, become your own personal coach and a coach for other people at the same time.

Then there is the attachment perspective. Any attachment makes you block a bit of your thoughts on how to feel the truth and how to be one with your body. The less attachment you have, the more relaxed and free in your mind you can get.

This is difficult: you don’t want to give up your money, TV, laptop, furniture, house etc, just to purify your mind. Or do you? If it was that simple, would you do it? Maybe, from my point of view, you don’t have to. But you should not put your main focus on these things but a focus of being as minimalistic as you can. Don’t clutter your life would be the simple message.

Have a think and let me know what you think too. Share your thoughts.

Love and Kindness,