Buddhist Thoughts – beyond birth and death

The Buddha said: “When a person has thoroughly understood the world, from top to bottom, when there is nothing in the world that agitates him anymore, then he has become somebody who is free from confusion and fears and tremblings and the longings of desire. He has gone beyond getting old and beyond birth and death.”

– Sutta Nipata

Now I might be wrong but this quote is saying to me: if you are truly knowledgeable of anything that is going on in this world, then you must be enlightened. You have gone beyond life and death.

If you are beyond what is happening on Earth, then you might be in your own world. In heaven that is, or in an enlightened state. It might never happen in this life, but we need to practise hoping it will.

I asked someone last week “whether he has had a certain job” – he replied “not in this life, but maybe in a former one”. You ever thought about that? What would you have been? What did you take into your current life?

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