Buddhist Thoughts: Dust!

This quote comes as I have been looking through stuff to pack our house and move. At a time when eBay becomes my best friend, and when I think which things I should trash, give to the charity shop or keep.

Just as material things are made of dust, so too are our perceptions and thoughts mere dust. Just as it takes only a moment to wipe the dust from the surface of a mirror, so it takes only a moment to become enlightened, the moment all defiled intentions are cleared from our consciousness, we will see ourselves in the mirror of perfect truth.

– Master Hsing Yun, “Describing the Indescribable”

But all things I keep are essentially made out of dust. They die or are already dead. They burn or go away. Old pictures, old birthday cards, and other sentimental things that might trigger some good or bad memories.

The memories are, similar to our perceptions and thoughts, mere dust. It only takes a moment to wipe this memory away.

With no thoughts it might only take a moment to become enlightened. Free of everything. A state free from ignorance, desire and suffering.

All intentions are coming from our conciousness. All our thoughts are really.

Rid yourself of all thoughts, become enlightened and find yourself the perfect truth. About life and yourself!

Enjoy the journey.

Buddha Bless,