Buddhist Thoughts: Meditation

Admittedly, whilst I like the Buddhist philosophy, and whilst I try to incorporate most thoughts and guidelines into my daily life, I still haven’t mastered meditation. Eventually I will. I found my own way to meditate, but this isn’t meditation really.

The following quote however says a lot.

Don’t forget to bring the good experiences of meditation into your daily activities. Instead of acting and reacting impulsively and following your thoughts and feelings here and there, watch your mind carefully, be aware, and try to deal skillfully with problems as they arise. If you can do this each day, your meditation will have been successful.

– Kathleen McDonald, “How to Meditate”

Kathleen really stresses the importance of meditation. The act of settling your mind, and the act, on a daily basis, to stop reacting and to stop following your thoughts.

Meditation is about quieting your mind, something I successful do on a daily basis. But I haven’t mastered the hour long sit down yet. However, I am not even sure you need to master that for a great and calm life. For a proper Zen Buddhist this is different of course, and it is still something I aspire to.

But as Kathleen says, even if you quieten down your mind daily and deal with things as they come, you already have a successful practice that is called meditation.

Why not try it today?