Buddhist Thoughts: The mind is a Nucleus

The mind is the nucleus of samsara and nirvana. – Lama Thubten Yeshe, The Bliss of Inner Fire

This week’s quote is a difficult one I find. Being a nucleus means incubator, the inner cell of something.

Samsara, the reoccurring happening of life (wheel of suffering). The search as I would describe it that leads to enlightenment through suffering.

Nirvana. Heaven. Paradise? The ultimate goal, even enlightenment for me is Nirvana.

So for you to go through samsara and learn about life, to practise spirituality, to help you achieve enlightenment, the mind has to be the incubator.

The mind is the one holding the key for you to succeed and move up. It is about nothing else than spiritual practise.

Go out there! Be spiritual :-/ If it was that easy. Even I struggle to keep my mind trained at all times. You will succeed. Constantly ploughing away, permanently setting examples, will get you there.

Enjoy the journey, it is a pleasant one.

Be good,