Buddhist Thoughts – Tree

Buddhism for me is more of a philosophy, and I probably should use it less in a work context but more in a personal development context. But isn’t that almost the same? For me I suppose it is.

Anyway, I particularly like the following quote:

As a tree with strong uninjured roots, though cut down, grows up again, so, when deep craving is not rooted out, suffering arises again and again.

– Dhammapada

It is the same theme as previous quotes: Buddhism continues to tell us, and we need to listen, that if you have a challenge in life, a problem, that unless you overcome it, you will have to fight it. And, you have to fight that problem over and over again, until it is resolved. If you cannot resolve it, then you will have to resolve it in your next life.

Like a tree. Like a deep root. A problem cannot be solved by ignoring it. It can only be solved by solving it and coping with it. Only this way you rid yourself from the problem itself.

Have a great day,