car insurance – Volvo again

Now this is another day, another topic but the same brand. VOLVO.

As you all know by now I am not overly happy with Volvo Doves Croydon. And, after my complaint to Volvo directly, they answered me the following:

“Whilst the dealer does represent Volvo, they are an independent business within their own right and your contract of sale lies with them.

As such I have made the assistant service manager, Peter G., aware of your dissatisfaction. I will also pass your comments onto the relevant individuals within Volvo.

Any contribution to a repair would only be given in certain circumstances where the vehicle is outside of warranty. Given that these repairs are not covered under your warranty policy, in addition to the fact that you have had the work carried out independently, we will not be able to assist you on this occasion.”

Now, I was aware of that, however there wasn’t a mention about the brand. My beloved Volvo brand, which got sold to a Chinese company this year. After my dissatisfaction with their branch which they cannot control but represents their name, they can only pass it on to other people within the company?

I never asked for replacement. Nor did I ask for money. I asked for respect, love and care from my most favourite brand. What about an answer like

“Mr. Ballueder, whilst we totally understand your dissatisfaction, we have taken that matter further and informed…. However, we would never want you to think badly about our brand and as such, as you understand we cannot cover any of your costs, we would like to send you a box of Volvo merchandise articles, e.g. a T-Shirt, a Baseball Cap, a keyring, some cuff links, a shirt for your son, an umbrella……”

And, if they wanted to go further, why not send me a voucher for £50 towards my next Volvo Dealership MOT service? That is what brands should do, some do, but Volvo obviously doesn’t want to do. Maybe one day they wake up and say “you remember this Ballueder guy, he was right. Can we hire him as a Marketing and Brand Consultant?” I tell you, my fee would be an XC90 a day 😉

Maybe I have said enough about this case, as I actually wanted to speak about car insurance.

First my bank, First Direct, called me as I tried to get a car insurance quote from their website. After they couldn’t get me a quote I gave up but appreciated the call. Unfortunately, they are unable to give me car insurance as my wife is under 30 years of age and hence they would not insure her on a car like ours.

volvo xc90 lowered
No, this is not how our car looks like!

WTF? My wife has had her UK driving licence for 12 years, 9 years no claim bonus and drives our Volvo XC90 with our 1 year old son. However, as she is younger than 30, she cannot be insured on such a powerful car? That is wrong and a big FAIL from First Direct for not providing us with an insurance. However, we are happy to receive your income every months and take care of your savings, but your wife is unfortunately too young to take responsibility to drive a powerful family car?

However, I thought why not ask Volvo for a quote, after all they do car insurances. Again, I was declined and when I called them up the reason came out. Whilst Volvo is happy to sell me an XC90 T6 with a 2.9 litre petrol engine and also let’s my wife drive it, they wouldn’t cover her on the insurance. Neither me for that matter. This time it is our inexperience of not having driven a car with a similar engine for at least 2 years before.

WTF? I change cars from a 1.6 litre to a 2.9 litre engine and from 70 to 250 horse power (estimates), from a road racer to a family car, and the latter, just because of the engine, cannot be insured due to lack of experience?

I wonder what is coming next? Will they ask for your height to justify whether the model of car you are driving is small enough for you to look over the steering wheel? Will the colour of the car or size of the car make a difference, or is it just your age and nothing else. The inexperience I would understand as a reason of age but not in our time and (old) age with combined almost 30 years driving experience. They are missing the bigger picture of this being a family car and as such not being driven as a lowered show-off vehicle!

FAIL Volvo. FAIL First Direct.

Looks like Admiral made the race again for the best and after all cheapest car insurance.

Thank you Sir, good night.