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Mindfulness @Work

I recently put my first proposal for an 8 week mindfulness workshop together. What I learned by doing this, is that a lot of mindfulness is ‘meditation’. But is it? Actually it is not, it is a good mix of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Meditation.

Also, listening to a recent EQ (Emotional Intelligence) webinar, I realised that one of the core messages (see also last week’s post on here) is about being in the moment, being present. So the lines of EQ and mindfulness are a bit blurred in some areas.

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So what does mindfulness at work mean for me?

First of all, I would define mindfulness as being kind and curious, paying attention to the here and now, the present moment. If we want to translate that to the workplace, we are looking at being present, being in the moment, and not disturbed by other means. An example could be to not be on your phone or laptop during a meeting, but paying attention to the presenter/speaker, and listen actively. Ask questions, be engaged and don’t get distracted by another email in your inbox or another whats app message. Pay full attention to what’s happening.

How does that translate or transform into productivity coaching and meditation? It is about being self aware (EQ) and being able to notice that you are stressed, or overwhelmed. Being able to then focus on your breathing or go for a walk; or to meditate, take some time off. And to be aware of others too.

So Mindfulness at the workplace translates into awareness and techniques to tackle mental discomfort in a way to make work a happier place.

Feel free to reach out to Ballueder Partners in order to find out more, or how we can cooperate to bring mindfulness and EQ to your workplace! Because that’s part of our executive and productivity coaching programme.

Buddhist Thought – Faults


If you think that everything is someone else’s fault, then think again.

You cannot blame others for what you have done wrong. If you do, you will suffer.
Keep an open mind and realise the mistakes you made. The ones you are responsible for.

If you realise it springs from you, you will be able to laugh at yourself. You will experience joy!



Buddhist Thought – Love and Affection

love and affection

I am not sure if I understand that quote.

You can give love and affection but deserve it as much for yourself as others deserve it for you to give to them?

Is that karma?

I guess so. Whilst you should give and share love and affection, make sure you get your equal share of the pie. But you will.

Keep giving, then you will receive!

Have a great day,