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Facing the Giants…

I finally watched the whole movie of facing the giants as described in my earlier post. It is a very motivational movie. However, I was surprised that is based around god and the love of god to make it a success.

With having lived in the US for a year a few years ago, I know how important Christianity is in the US and that it helps people to motivate. However, it does not matter which faith you are as long as you believe in something, and someone – yourself.

I am not a great believer in contemporary church but find my spiritual guidance through Buddhism. Latter helps me to stay focus, help others and be motivated in personal life as well as in corporate life.

What wonders me sometimes is that there seems to be this “YES WE CAN” attitude in the USA, the American Dream that just this week was supported by the first ethnic minority president to be in the world. A country that has this approach will always be more confident and be more successful.

In Germany where I grew up and I believe it is similar in most European countries, this attitude is not on the schedule for high school kids. It is more about “this is an American thing” and that is that.

Why are we not taking the positive attitude, the “can do approach” from our big brother and use it to make us more successful, more motivated and more focused in life and work. Without thinking that this is only done “elsewhere”.

I believe we need to incorporate the basic and underlying approach of this attitude in our daily lifes to motivate ourselves and to get where we want to be. No surprise that things like GTD, NLP, Turning Passion into profits are all coming from one country.

In my opinion most of those ideas are based around the basic attitude of reaching out for the stars and making things happen. And to have this vision of reaching things, not to show fear and stay focus. That is not rocket science, is it?


Compassion – or carpe diem?

I am not sure what to write but Dan Millman who I am going to see tonight in London, posted this video on his blog. I though it is worthwhile sharing.

You find several entries on my blog about Dan Millman and the Peaceful Warrior.

I let you know how the seminar went.


Buddhist Thoughts

Buddhist Thoughts for the 23rd of September:

A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another. If these minds love one another the home will be as beautiful as a flower garden. But if these minds get out of harmony with one another it is like a storm that plays havoc with the garden. – Buddha


I had a lot of Buddhist and spiritual thoughts this weekend.

As you know I write another blog which is like an email exchange with a good friend: Balamadana.

Today I wrote in response to Marcelo about Karma.

There is not much happening today on a very slow, rainy Sunday. I was having diner and drinks with a good friend last night and we bought a new kettle today. But that is about as interesting as my weekend got. Besides I digged up half of the garden, so we are making progress.

Have a good “rest weekend”.


Time – Bank Holiday Weekend :-)

I have been quiet the last couple of days. Mainly because I have started to think about a lot of things.

Some are directly related to my work and life that for obvious reasons I would not like to share here 😉 Nothing to worry about of course.

However, there are some other thoughts on life that I am more than happy to share, it is my conversation with Marcelo, my Buddhist friend and ex monk on our Buddhist and Management Blog. Maybe you have some input on our thoughts.

Also, as a frequent flyer I am concerned with the safety of flights after the Madrid accident. Unfortunately those things happen and one should probably not think about it. But, it also naggs on me for some reason.

So, I am taking this bank holiday weekend off from all obligations and will be back as normal next week.

Have a good one, Volker

Personal Development Essay – Island Theory

If you follow the link you find my essay on Personal Development – Island Theory.

I wrote about it in my blog before.

Please leave comments and feedback, I am looking forward to a great discussion.

Volker Ballueder

2 parallel worlds – or contentment

I spoke to a good friend yesterday, someone I have not spoken to for quite some time.

He is also a Buddhist and when we spoke about job and career and money, salary, family, karma and so on, there was this parallel world. We are both very career orientated, do not mind working long hours, always like to earn a lot of money but also are very keen on our family.

However, nothing of it seems to be the big issue in our life. Not that we are super rich, or work 9 to 5 – no, we are both at this stage of life where we are, what I would call, content.

Our jobs are great. The money related to the job is good and does not let us think we should go somewhere else to earn more. Our family is supportive and we do not mind working long hours if we can combine it with our family. A holistic view of both of our lives is the contentment in what we do and issues we had before, e.g. better job, better money, more time, are not issues anymore.

I wonder if that has to do with Buddhism as well? I need to speak to Marcelo on balamadana about it!

Newton and Energy Systems

I want to share some insights into my essay with you this morning:

Newton’s 3rd law of motions states that “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

If that is true for all mechanical forces then it should be true for all spiritual forces as well, for all thoughts.

But, Newton’s law can also be applied to another thought, the thought of us giving to other people. “What comes around goes around” is an old saying. If in business I am good to my partner and my employees, they will be good to me.

As an example, if I deliver a bad service/product then people are not very happy about what I can offer them. They create negative energy towards my company. However, if I create a positive product and people like it, they will send me positive energy. This positive energy then continues throughout the company and results in the company getting stronger, whilst on the other hand negative energy will ultimately destroy the company.

However, one might argue that for sure any corporation that creates a bad product will ultimately be destroyed because people would not buy from it. There is a point but how often have you gone into a company or into a shop and noticed that you are not overly happy here and do not really feel like supporting this very business by buying here? Was there not “something in the air” that gave you a sign that something is not right.

So, assumption 10 clients produce positive energy towards a company, the company has to make up this positive energy with positive energy, to stay within the principles of all sums of the forces acting on one body, here the company, are zero. So, this strengthens the company and will ultimately go in circles until the company really prospers.

Would that not mean that the company grows and grows?

Yes, however nothing is perfect and therefore we cannot exclude minor mistakes that might create some negative energy that has be compensated for with positive energy. But yes, ultimately, the company should prosper.

Have a good Sunday.

Volker Ballueder

Google – sustainable business!?

Reading an interesting article about Google, I came across the following line of “sustainable business” as I would call it:

“In five ways should workers and servants as the lower direction be respected by an employer: by allocating work according to aptitude, providing wages and food, looking after the sick, sharing special treats, and giving reasonable time off work.” – The Buddha

That is what I think is work in a respectful way all about:

– do not overload your employees with too much work
– give them the right pay
– care for them when they are sick
– if you get rewarded, share it amongst all
– have a good entitlement of holidays

Bearing all that in mind it is important to look after your employees. It starts with little everyday things to make people comfortable at work, not to shout at them, offering them help and be a true team player – latter one, although often praised in organisations, turns out to be a “I show the team that I am better than them” which has nothing to do with team playing.

So, can we use the Buddha teaching or any other religious teaching to create an organisation that functions better than any other by applying principles like the one above?