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Are we missing Search Engines?

Hello All,

As it is Friday afternoon and we are looking on how to improve our forum on PPC ManagementTherefore, we would encourage you to help us identifying any search engines we have missed out so far and you would like us to add to the forum and our list.

Anything else you like to ask/find out about PPC, join us in our forum today!

If you have already registered, here is the direct link.

Thanks in advance for your time and have a good weekend.


Cuil – pronounce "cool" – the new "Google"

Years ago you would have said that Google would be a new search engine.

Nowadays, you say that Cuil might be the new Google. See article here.

Danny Sullivan has reported on it on Search Engine Land, and the BBC thought it was worthwhile mentioning it too. So, of course, I have to mention it also.

Without going into technical details, but understanding that search engines are used because of the relevancy of the results and not because of the amount of pages indexed, it is interesting to search for myself.

Searching for “Volker Ballueder” returns no picture of myself but one of my wife and one of an unknown woman. Random, not even latest articles are displayed with no indication why. E.g. is it the rank of the site, the amount of hits? Even Exalead seems to return better results in the UK.

Cuil writes what they think matters in their About Us Page. It sounds interesting, and maybe, yes maybe we are close to getting competition to Google.

Lets wait and see.



I am all excited. Internetworld is going ahead tomorrow for 3 days in London.

When building up today I noticed that this show is very diverse – from ecommerce to email to search to cms…. – I am all curious to see whether it can keep the record of 10,000 + visitors from last year and going ahead over 3 days. If it does and proves successful, then Internetworld might be the number one show in size for the online and digital marketing industry in the UK.

Of course, WebCertain will be there, booth E263, speaking on Wednesday at 16.00 in the seminar sessions about global search. We will also promote our International Search Summit – a good chance to grab one of the still available seats.

Meet me over the next 3 days in Earls Court 2!


My first conference – SMX Munich

Hello All,

At the SMX in Munich I spoke about SEO and Blogging. I was quite chuffed as it went well and the audience’s response was positive. There were a lot of great speakers and we really enjoyed the conference and exhibition.

I have been working with the German Online Marketing Industry for quite some time now, and it is like coming home. The industry is great, you cannot say it any differently!! Just recently I introduced a friend to the industry and he shortly starts with a big ad network in Munich. How exciting is that?!

For everyone who could not make it to Munich, I will shortly be in Hamburg but before that, WebCertain will hold the first ISS, International Search Summit – a summit dedicated to multilingual search!

Also, you find my presentation on my cb consulting website as a download – unfortunately the upload does not work at the moment but I will post as soon as it is up and running. Otherwise just email me and I sort you out with the presentation.

Saying that, the download for SEO und Blogging is now live!

Have a good evening, Volker Ballueder 

blogging and seo


Above subject line kind of gives it away. Blogging and SEO – that is the topic I am speaking at the SMX in Munich. So, Volker Ballueder, is speaking there.

Now, in those two lines I already created 2 links to the event – that should increase their site ranking, should it not? But, would e.g. Google be happy to see me writing English content linking to a non English site? The “Volker Ballueder” link should still be ok as there is content about me at the other end.

Those are just a few things that blogs can do. What I find very interesting and useful in blogs is the ability to communicate with your target audience, your clients. You link deep into your website with content that is relevant, maybe a little hidden to most users. You then add social bookmarks to it, get involved in the blogging community, and “bang” you have more hits then you wish for.

That easy? Maybe not.

So, I hope to see you all in a few weeks time in Munich. I they put another great SMX programme together. Their SMX West event was great and very helpful for the Search Community.

Hope to see you all soon.

Volker Ballueder

Social Bookmarks


For my talk at the SMX in Munich I am now trying to get my head around social bookmarking. Although not the main topic, it is somewhat related to it.

Social Bookmarks, e.g. or are fascinating, you can find them on the side navigation bar of the blog now too. You share the sites you like, you can also add it to facebook, and tag it yourself. Latter is the main drawback, whilst some might tag my blog as “spiritual ideas”, other might just call it “the big blabla” – whatever works, the more people bookmark your site, the better, as you get found more often and people visit your site. Ergo, you get a higher ranking too, if people link your site.

So, that is my first impression for now. Surely I digg on that topic again later.

Have a good day,

SMX West St. Clara 2008

I forgot to add a video of myself from the last SMX West in St. Clara.

The link to the video is here: SMX VIDEO VOLKER.

It was my wife’s birthday that day and it was the 3rd year in a row we could not celebrate it together. But, there are many more birthdays to come.