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My #spitfirescramble 2017 review

Wow – it has been a day since the Spitfire Scramble. My first ever running event. I was told by my experienced runners and team mates, that there is no such thing as a race. It is an event. You do it for yourself, the team, but not to race but to enjoy. And, a bit surprisingly, I did. As you might remember from my last post, one of my biggest challenges was the camping, believe it or not. The camping itself I really enjoyed. I loved the camaraderie. Maybe it was because I had little to organise, no tents to put up myself or take down myself – I tried to help more or less successfully, and the whole cooking and meals were organised by a fantastic and very experienced team. I was welcomed into the arms of a functioning group of people who have done those events before. Thanks once again! But how were my laps? What happened? So I finally got to go out around 4.30 in the afternoon. Adrenaline kicked in big time. I was off to a far too fast start, raced around the track and it took me until mile 4 out of 6

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Power Juice

Having seen Joe Cross (last Sunday Column) juicing his weight down, my wife and I decided to try replacing a meal through a healthy juice (avocado, ginger, apple, lime, lemon, spinach, broccoli, pineapple, herbs, fennel, water cress, beet root, carrot etc.). Don’t get fooled by the Smirnoff pitcher or Bombardier pint glasses. A refreshing meal on a hot day, tasting delicious, certainly better than anticipated 😉

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Ditchling Beacon – amazing bike ride South Downs

This morning I went for a 90 minute bike ride. On top of the world. On top of the Ditchling Beacon. It is such an amazing place where we live and a great place to ride. Jack Windmill. You can see the sea and Brighton in the far distance. Panoramic shot with an non steady hand 🙁

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