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Sunday Thoughts

I am still not sure, and my fiancée asked me that last night, how many people actually read this blog or are interested in it. Purpose – purpose of this blog is not necessarily to create a new dictionary of thoughts but more of a collection, a diary if you like, of what I read, process and think about. To give an insight into the availability of literature, theories and how to use them to increase personal and corporate performance. That is in a nutshell.

Hellinger – I thought a lot about his theories last night whilst having a BBQ. There is a site called which shows practitioners and a definition online for the UK. I went to my shelf and got a book from Angelika Glöckner “Lieber Vater, liebe Mutter” and Gunthard Weber “Zweierlei Glück” and James Hillman “Charakter und Selbstbestimmung“.

All those books will be, alongside an essay I wrote on Hellinger, be revisited shortly. At the moment I struggle to find enough time next to my day job to revisit too many theories. As I said to a friend the other day, if I won the lottery I would spend half of my money on books at Amazon and the other half on a good life at the end of the world where I read and study until the end of my days….Have a great Sunday!

Website live

Hello Readers,

Now my homepage is finished. Hurray! Congratulations ,-)

What are the next steps? Due to my main job constraints I did not progress with my blog as quickly as I would have liked to but surely I catch up over the next week. So let me know what you think about my website and my services. Any suggestions? Any queries?

Have a good weekend,

First Note

Dear Reader,

Today is the 5th of May 2007. I just started setting up my own company called CB Consulting. The papers are ready, the website registered, the aim and purpose is clear and now I created a blog.

This blog will be hidden until I started putting the first topics down. Those will be about NLP, DBM, Buddhism, Spirituality, Business, Management, Careers….. – anything that relates to the service of CB Consulting.

To find out more about me please visit or click on the link to the site.
Many thanks for your interest.