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cb consulting offers trainings in customer service. Why? Quite frankly because ever since I started working, I noticed that there is a need for customer service and customer care. What I have sold I have sold in good confidence and wanted to make sure my client is happy. Sustainable business – if the client is not happy, why should I ask for money for the product I offer? A nice or not so nice story is with my mobile phone provider. Without mentioning the name, I would like to use this as an example. I went to the high street shop and the person there was just not knowledgeable about the phones at all. However, knowing a bit myself I was happy and go ahead with an upgrade. But she could not offer me the online deal, I would have to phone their team or order online, she said. So I did, called them asked for an upgrade with more minutes and they said they would not be able to do it. Then I go to a different provider, I said. Wait, I put you through to our special deals department – who then, surprise, could offer me what I

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