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Time – Bank Holiday Weekend :-)

I have been quiet the last couple of days. Mainly because I have started to think about a lot of things. Some are directly related to my work and life that for obvious reasons I would not like to share here 😉 Nothing to worry about of course. However, there

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are you off your head?

Allen, author from “Getting things done” ( see earlier post) mentions in his book that things clutter your mind, your “RAM” so to speak. E.g. if you start thinking about things and the thoughts clutter your mind, you cannot focus on the task you are aiming to do. Therefore, he

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Personal Development Essay – Island Theory

If you follow the link you find my essay on Personal Development – Island Theory. I wrote about it in my blog before. 6th of March about Islands 22nd of March about Islands 27th of March, the story of the Prince and the Magician Please leave comments and feedback, I

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