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imprint or anchoring

When I was graduating from Highschool pretty much 10 years ago I used to play Doppelkopf, a German card game, on a regular basis. Now, for some reason, I decided to download a computer programme of Doppelkopf and enjoy playing it. What I find interesting that certain ways of playing

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Systems – Imprints

I was thinking today about making decisions: if people have hope for a positive decision from you and you disappoint them with a negative decision, would you actually create a negative imprint? From my point of you I do not think so. I mean it obviously depends on how you

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Diamond Cutter – business problem 43

Geshe Michael Roach describes an interesting situation in his business problem no. 43 which I like to write about: You live in a business and social climate where integrity is simply not respected; where only fools are strictly ethical every hour of their business day – where “Nice guys finish

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