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Organisational Behaviour

I had a discussion last night with a friend about organisational behaviour; also it reflects some issues I heard at another place too. Looking at behaviour at the workplace I went back to my “handbook” – Handbook of HR Management Practice, by Michael Armstrong. I read it with ambiguity during

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Train your brain 1/9

Now I found the ultimate book by Dr. Harry Alder in my shelf for this blog: Train your brain: The ultimate 21 day mental skills programme for peak performance The synopsis reads as: Scientific breakthroughs in neurobiological research have identified how extraordinary feats of creativity can be achieved, and how

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Coaching (1)

“A successful coaching engagement will have a cascading effect, crating positive change beyond the person receiving the coaching.” – Diana and Merril Anderson, from J. Whitmore, Coaching for Performance. I have not read Whitmore’s book but came across this quote in Clutterbuck’s Coaching the team at work. Most of you

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