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Buddhism – being busy

I get a daily newsletter with Buddhist quotes. Hence I like to collect the most inspiring ones and put them in my blog. Similar to what I did with Balamadana back in the days. Most quotes have been in my draft folder for a few months, if not years. So

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Work Life Balance…

Nigel Walsh spoke on TED about Work Life Balance. What I take from this video: – I am not 40 yet. – I want to spend more life with my family. – I don’t know if my career matches a work-life balance. – I don’t want to leave it until

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Stress Management – Working Out

As it happens, and I have written a lot about stress management lately, my new Buddhist Chanting CDs arrived. Wow, super easy listening and makes me much more productive whilst working on proposals and presentations! However, I found an article in the Metro again, this time about “Busy working, so

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