Chislehurst Caves

Today we went with my wife’s work colleagues to the Chislehurst Caves. These caves are all man made, being digged up over 8000 years. So that is pretty old 🙂

It is not our first time we went there, however, this time we were a really small group. That was fun as we were left literally “in the dark” whilst enjoying a phenomenal echo within the underground labyrinth.

There is a modern carving which was made by a lady from New Zealand a few years ago. Pictures can be found here. In the 2nd World War it was an air raid shelter.

This blog gives a good overview of bands that played down there, e.g.:

  • Jimmy Hendrix
  • Pink Floyd
  • Led Zepplin
  • David Bowie
  • Movies: Doctor Who and The Mutants

So definitely a trip worthwhile, highly recommended.