Coaching Forms

Another weekend.

I talked to a good friend throughout the week who introduced me to a coaching form. A collection of questions to fulfil certain tasks in order to achieve – happiness?

Whatever one wants to achieve one can set stepping-stones for oneself. But of course there are a lot of forms out there and not all stepping-stones are suitable for everyone.

This form had 100 maximum points and I was devastated only getting 11 out of it. Talking to my friend he says that I did better than him and most people, however, he only aims for 60 as not everything is applicable.

It reminds me of this study they did in Stanford I believe where 50% of the graduate had to write down their goals in life and the other 50% did not. The ones that clearly defined their goals did achieve them and performed better than the control group on their overall career path. Why?

Because if one defines his goal one likes to achieve it, then one is committed and will be working towards it (common sense). One makes (almost) anything happen to achieve the so wanted outcome. This can be monetary, learning a language, reading a book, giving up smoking, loosing weight etc. – defining those goals and making sure that they happen is the job of a coach.

Contact me if there is a goal you need help with to achieve it! I give you the motivation and help you finding the stepping stones!

Have a great and peaceful sunday.