coffee ?!

Most of you know that I am a fetish when it comes to coffee. Only selected beans, nicely ground in my own mill, fresh for a brew in my cafetiere.

I tried cutting down on coffee lately and made some progress. However, today I saw a nice coffee at Waitrose from Taylor of Harrogate. It is called Hot Lava Java! Strenght 6!!

They even suggest on their website that you can calm down with a decaffeinated coffee…

Some of us require more than a gentle nudge to get started in the morning. Others need a boost to see them through a big night. Perfect for work or play, Hot Lava Java is a powerhouse blend, made for those who love their coffee rich and dark, with an intense caffeine kick. We combine full-flavoured arabica beans from Java with Indian robusta beans famed for their high caffeine content, then roast them dangerously dark for an explosion of flavour that erupts on the tongue.

Overdone it on the caffeine? Wind down a little with our caffeine free blend Decaffé, proof that you don’t have to choose between good health and great taste.

Definitely worth trying. I enjoy it…however, problem is that is goes well the blue m&m’s crispy 🙁