Colin is not French

Who else is wondering….

BBC news sent out this article that they rename “Pollack” into “Colin”:

Unpopular’ pollack gets new name
The stores will call pollack “Colin” – the French word for hake.

A supermarket has renamed a white fish caught in UK waters with a French name, Colin, because shoppers are not buying it under its British identity.

So, now the name we chose for our son who we expect shortly is the name of a fish. Not sure if I really like that.

Colin Ross writes in his blog that he is not a Fish! Thank god for that. Should we start a campaign that we don’t want the renaming done?

How can a supermarket rename a fish anyway? Who gives them the right to re-name it really?

Clearly in the UK the name Colin is an old Gaelic boy name. It means “young creature” and not “young fish”. Am a bit annoyed about that!

And, a pollack looks nothing like a “young creature” at all. If you search for “colin fish” you find a boxer with that name. He won’t like the efforts to rename the fish either – should he change is name to Pollack Fish now? Surely not!

Besides that further research shows that the fish “coley” is actually the name of the French fish “Colin”, look at this fishing site for proof.

Summa summarum, there is not much debate. I guess if a supermarket wants to rename a fish after a boy name, then there is nothing we can do.

Maybe the sausages will be re-named from “Wiener” into “Salzburgier” or something like that one day too 🙁

You don’t know. What ever sells!