congratulations Boris

Congratulations to Boris Johnson who won the mayoral elections in London. Needless to say that I support him.
Sorry, Ken, you have done a great job but 8 years are enough and it is time for a change.

Not sure but my Turkish friend said that Boris’ grandparents are from Turkey. It shows once again how multicultural London is.

Boris, lots of luck. I liked your winner’s speech! Let’s get things moving in London and get the city where it belongs – to one of the top cities to live in.

I have not always supported London that much but I spoke to a South-African yesterday and she said that you get this dip in London when you do not like the city. Usually happens after a year and a half. That seems to be the breaking point. From there you either leave it or love it. Clearly I love it.

Roll on 2012 and let us show the world what a great host we can be for the Olympic Games.

Free Tibet, too.