customer service

cb consulting offers trainings in customer service. Why?

Quite frankly because ever since I started working, I noticed that there is a need for customer service and customer care. What I have sold I have sold in good confidence and wanted to make sure my client is happy. Sustainable business – if the client is not happy, why should I ask for money for the product I offer?

A nice or not so nice story is with my mobile phone provider. Without mentioning the name, I would like to use this as an example.

I went to the high street shop and the person there was just not knowledgeable about the phones at all. However, knowing a bit myself I was happy and go ahead with an upgrade. But she could not offer me the online deal, I would have to phone their team or order online, she said.

So I did, called them asked for an upgrade with more minutes and they said they would not be able to do it. Then I go to a different provider, I said. Wait, I put you through to our special deals department – who then, surprise, could offer me what I wanted but I had to pay a small amount for the new phone.

Why did I have to escalate things to get what I wanted?

They sent me the new phone and forgot to put on the delivery address the flat I am living in. Ergo the delivery person did not bother and did not deliver. As they cannot leave a note somewhere I only found out by checking online myself. After I called them I arranged delivery to my work address the next day which did not happen. I found out checking online again, called them and they said that the delivery man made a mistake but it would be delivered the next day before 12.

Guess, 12 pm the parcel was not there. So I called them and they said the parcel was lost. Why had no one called me? Oh someone would once they found the parcel. Ok, I called my provider asked for a new delivery and they should order the other one back from the delivery company – no problem, however, in the meantime they found my parcel! Hurray I said, what is going to happen?

Oh, they said, someone will call you before 3 pm and arrange delivery to your flat or a neighbours flat before 6 pm today. We are sorry. Ok, I said, can live with that.

10 minutes later I had my phone, delivered to my work address, no word since from neither the parcel delivery company nor the phone company. So, what to do?

Good customer service: give the client a courtesy call, ask if it all worked out, apologize and do not charge for the delivery cost. Make the client feel good and give them an additional 100 minutes to use for free?

Bad customer service: do not do anything, as the phone got delivered.

As I have not heard anything that is what I did:
a) I wrote an online review about the parcel service which showed I am not the only one being annoyed with them. Not sure if it helps but helps me to get it off my chest.
b) I wrote an email to my mobile phone provider, mentioning that I would not pay for the phone until they invoice me – sorry I forgot to mention that when I ordered the phone they said I should call them to pay for it? Why would I have to do that….

to be – hopefully not – continued.

Whilst I have this rant, I do not know why we put up with the following:

  • the check-out person sneezing on my bread?
  • the watch seller not making sure the watch works and I have to go back the next day?

Just a thought. Why are more and more companies so arrogant that they do not care anymore?

Maybe on a positive note. I ordered something online the other day and they promised next day delivery. However, with New Year it would be a day late. So they emailed me, apologizing that they had been closed for a few days and dispatch it first class today. It arrived the next day.

Not sure if they meant it or if they really care but I was happy. And happy customers buy again, non happy ones do not.

Have a stress-free weekend and thank you for listening to my rant.