Is it just me? Customer Service again.

I wonder lately.

Three weeks ago I took my car to the garage because of a noise. When they found out it was the hand brake, they replaced it. I have been back three times, now a fourth time in order to get rid of some noises that shouldn’t be there. And, Kwik Fit clearly said they had tested it. How could that be?

Then I went to the Slug and Lettuce in Beckenham today. I got a plate where half way through I noticed that the cheese had some mouldy bits (mozzarella for fajitas). When I complained I got an insecure “I am sorry” and then new cheese. The bill came without amendments, e.g. reductions. So I asks whether they wanted to review the bill serving my 2 year old and myself mouldy cheese. I got £2 off without a further apology. How rude!

Then Ocado delivered the wrong soup. I haven’t had trouble with Ocado for a long time but now it seems to start again.

Phil & Teds on the other hand responded to my enquiry about a not so well designed sun cover very quickly. Delivery for the new part took three weeks though but the new part is much better. They could have contacted me in the first place knowing that a part was faulty?

Last but not least my Freecom external hard drive broke. I got contacted via Twitter, got an email straight away but nothing for the last 4 days. Radio silence. I wonder how long that is going to take.

I personally don’t believe customer service is that difficult. Deliver what you would expect yourself. Any client I serve I give her/him full attention and deliver what I promise (at least), and make sure things are in a condition as I personally would expect it.

Is that so difficult?

How to I change my “law of attraction” to only get best customer service ?!