Dan Millman Seminar London

I went to see Dan Millman in London yesterday.

I admit I was VERY tired and not really receptive. But, on a whole, I was expecting much more.

Dan is a very motivational speaker, mainly addressing, at least from my point of view, very basic “human issues”. Things like how to motivate myself or how to get into a routine are just very basic principles.

Honestly, a nice talk with lots of quotes about life and nice little advise on how to improve your living on earth and make a difference. To be compassionate and a good human being.

Sorry, Dan, you did not convince me. The peaceful warrior is a great book to read and I took a lot out of it. But the seminar did not convince me. Maybe, I have passed that stage that I need initial motivation.

My Buddhist way of life and the combination of powerful tools from NLP and personal development will do the trick as much as your spiritual wisdom.

Thanks anyway, for an inspiring night.