Daylight saving!

Last night we gained an hour!

Not really though, we got it back after giving it away in March – why are we doing that?

Wikipedia explains it quite well. Afternoons should have more light and mornings should have less. Ergo, I get up in the morning and it will still be dark until very late but at night I have an hour longer. That means, in theory, my days are lighter and I need less artificial light in the winter. That is how my teachers explained it too. When on a farm many many moons ago, a farmer’s wife was knitting, they saved on the petroleum in the lamp when the time changed, e.g. they could knit longer with less energy.

Do you think we will re-name the daylight saving into “Energy efficient timing” and make it 2 hours too? Maybe we can get the countries not participating in daylight savings to pay a carbon offset?

Seriously, what is that all about? Do we really need daylight saving? I don’t think so. We might have done a few years ago but nowadays, I don’t think we benefit from it that much anymore. So why not stop it?

The discussions are controversial and are in place every last weekend in March and every last weekend in October. So there we go: here are my 2 pennies 🙂

Hope you had a lay in this morning 🙂