Dear Marks….

I have been a bit peeved recently with Marks and Spencer. Since we seem to be unable to communicate via phone or Twitter, here is a copy of the email I just sent.



I am fed up to put it outright. I tried helping you to help me but I came to the conclusion, that Marks and Spencer, once known for best customer service, just doesn’t seem to care.

It all started on Valentine’s Day. I got flowers ordered, as I normally do for every occasion, normally always do via Marks, but then I got an email at 7 am telling me that you aren’t sure whether you can deliver on the day? What is happening there, I thought.

Your customer service didn’t answer until 8 am, so finally I got through and the lady said that she could neither confirm or deny that the flowers will be delivered in time and if they haven’t arrived by 7 pm I should call back. I said that this is useless as I am not going to wait until 7 pm to find out that, potentially, the flowers won’t be delivered, as at that point I couldn’t go out and buy new ones. Whilst she clearly said that she got my point, there was nothing she could do, as the order was processed and she couldn’t stop it for a refund.

As she got my point and she then couldn’t do anything, I asked to speak to her superior who wasn’t available but according to her “would call me back soon”. I waited.

By 10 am I figured it would be good to double check. The rep on the phone said that the flowers are out for delivery and reassured me. Also, someone from the management team would call me back within 24 hours. So by 10 am Sunday 15th.

The flowers arrived. Beautiful flowers, wife loved them, great! Thanks. The quality and service I expected. But why the hassle and email misleading me, causing much aggravation?

I thought I can wait 24 hours. By Monday I hadn’t heard. I aired myself on twitter, and @marksandspencer got involved. I emailed my order number and email address and still no reply. Finally on Tuesday, so 72 hours later, I got this call from Fiona. Missed it as I was at work. Called her back as I was on the airport and she wasn’t available. Asked for her to call me on Wednesday.

Of course that wasn’t passed on and someone, I don’t think Fiona, called me when I was about to take off in a plane. I tried to be as polite as possible saying please call me back tomorrow. Your rep however insisted the account is in my wife’s name. NO, I said, we cleared that up on Saturday. The flowers and all orders go to my wife’s name, but I am the account holder, cc holder and so on. You must be calling because of my complaint, I said, so please call me back tomorrow.

It is now 8:30 pm on Wednesday. You could argue 108 hours past my first contact with Marks. The issue isn’t about the flowers anymore but that neither your twitter account (and I just aired my frustration to them again) nor the lady from yesterday or anyone has been in touch. You could have sent an email saying “when is good to call” or tried calling again.

I am now under the impression that Marks and Spencer quite frankly doesn’t care anymore. Yupp, that’s it, I think. My wife’s birthday coming up. Mothers day coming up. I spend on average probably around 30 GBP on flowers, 60 GBP spend elsewhere. Plus lost opportunities moving forward.


Not for me. In this day and age it is so easy to change supplier. To move along and go elsewhere. Less guarantee on quality and less guarantee on … oh wait a second, the customer service aspect has not been true this time. Whilst for everything else I bought at Marks, my sofa and chairs (which we could argue about the quality), the customer service was outstanding. Returning my shoes in the past (and I wear shoes from Marks since 2006 I’d say), my underwear, jackets, my wife’s underwear, suits, jumpers and of course stuff for the kids…..why would you want to annoy me.

I guess you don’t. I guess you just having a bad week. We all do. Yet…..what are you going to do about it.

Likelihood when you try calling me again this week I won’t be able to answer. I am busy. So are you. So are we all.

Email me, let’s arrange a time to sit down and talk.

Aren’t we both grown ups?

Yours faithfully,
Volker Ballueder