DIY – Renovating part 1

I think I mentioned it before. My wife is “nesting” and we are looking into turning our house into our home.

Part one was the hall. My wife painted and then started sanding the floor with a small sander she had. Not a good idea, took too long. So we hired a bigger one last weekend and I did the floors downstairs in the hall and she did the hand rail. Now, the cleaning of this fine dust was the worst thing!

Done and dusted (literally) now and we live with a hall that needs varnishing still and a carped down the middle of the stairs which still needs painting.

Upstairs we aim for laminate flooring for

a) the landing where you get laminate looking like real wood, and
b) the bathroom. There are clever solutions out there now where laminate looks like ceramic floors.

So I am quite impressed of what we can do and now I am eager to get it done. My wife plans to do some of the painting and varnishing as I am not patient enough to do a good job. However, I will try my luck with the laminate upstairs. If it goes well… who knows, I might be doing the living room soon.

Here are some pictures.