Early Mornings – time to give

As most of you know I am a fan of Reinhard Mey, and recently bought some tickets for his concert in October 2011. However, he sings a lot about his children, the joys and the beautiful moments he has with them. Martin Luther, quoted by Reinhard, said “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” The hope that the world exists past us is one of the greatest gifts.

I find that ever since I have had a child, ever since Colin entered my life, I started seeing things different. Early mornings for instance are different, and they are there to live them. Before he arrived we used to sleep in at the weekends, and we used to get drunk at night. We used to leave for the train last minute and sleep as much as we could.

Things have changed. Every morning now between 6:30 and 7:00 my natural alarm Colin is crying to say hello. He is crying to get his milk, to see us and start the day with us. It often, during the week is me who gets up. I sit with him, enjoy a cup of coffee, having my toast and he has his. We sit, talk and eat. We see the sun rise, and the bin man come and go.

It might sound poetic, maybe that is what it is. We are sitting together, enjoying the untouched day. I cannot wait for the winter with some snow, when we can be the first two to enter the snow and leave our prints. Me, with size 13, and him, with his tiny little feed. His steps are getting bigger, but he still likes holding my hand, and will for a while.

I enjoy those moments. I enjoy being with him, guide him, and show him the way. To show him the beauty of each individual morning, each early start.

And he gives me back. Smiles, cuddles and confidence that I am a good dad. I am trying to be anyway. It is almost like a love affair of smiles and cuddles, acceptance and respect. Sometimes better, sometimes not at all.

It won’t be long now, and our new arrival will be with us. I had never thought that I was so looking forward to the 2nd boy to join us. Another character, another one that smiles and gives you something back. It gives you a purpose in life, something that outweighs any rational.

That is what I am thinking about at 6.30 in the morning. Small things whether the tap in the kitchen or the BBQ in the garden will last become less and less important. Important is that life is about the bigger picture, about what you can give, pass on, and what survives you – eventually.

Life is about opportunities. And I get given a new opportunity every morning to change someone’s day and life. Every morning, I see for myself, when the sun comes up, I can see for myself what difference I can make by loving my children.

I am fulfilled by utter happiness.

Thank you Colin, thank you my wife!