Errazuriz Cabernet Sauvignon

errazurizAnother bargain at Waitrose. From the Errazuriz Estate in Chile comes a 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, reduced to 4.99. This bargain of an intense and full bodied wine with soft vanilla and fresh blackcurrant fruit character cannot be missed.

I stocked up a few bottles to make sure that I have a supply for a while. We are not sure if this is the wine we used to have at our most favourite Thai restaurant, but it is a great wine. Nothing extraordinary but a lovely, well tasting CabSav.

The bottle reads: Don Maxiano Erraruriz founded Vina Erruriz in 1870. Today his descendants strive to build on his legacy, locating ideal vineyard sites, planting new varieties and realising techniques to capture the Aconcagua Valley’s perfect conditions.

Vineyard: Aconcagua Valley, where abundant sunshine, clear skies and cooling breezes from the Pacific Ocean create perfectly ripe, balanced wines.

Winemaking: Hand-harvesteted and aged in French and American oak barrels to add complexity while retaining the vibrant, youthful fruit.

Character: Full-bodied and dry with soft blackcurrant fruit and firm tannins.

Serve: With meat, game and hard cheeses.

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