Excitement – another new book

If you believe that I will actually read all books I get straight away, then think again. I keep building up a library of books and my wife is complaining already! Often I read chapters at a time.

So, my newest acquisition is “Mindfulness and Money – a Buddhist path of abundance” -I am so excited to dig into that book.

I hope it will help me to write a bit more on my essay as it picks up the link between Buddhism and making money in a good, spiritual way – perfect literature I thought. Also, it talks about everyone wants money making us feel complete but it does not. Nothing would make us feel complete they argue. The incompleteness is part of the path, part of life.

They say the path is formed of 5 precepts: kindness, generosity, contentment, honesty, and awareness. And, applying this, we earn and spend creatively, a key to living peacefully with money!

How exciting that is. Need to find time this weekend to read some of the book at least. What outcome would I expect. Just to see myself more complete, e.g. is not everyone seeking for happiness and thinking ‘if I had a billion pounds then I would be happy’ – wouldn’t life be too easy then.

Stay tuned!